Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Don't Panic!

It's okay. You have not been taken to a scary place. My blog has not vanished completely, leaving you alone to cry in the dark until you find something else you want to read somewhere else. I have merely changed the address to more accurately reflect the content of my blog. You can now find me here, at Laura Writes Stuff. What this means for you: You'll need to make sure you update whatever method you use to follow my blog with the new address, http://laurabwritesstuff.blogspot.com. I think this transition should be pretty easy. I'm going to make sure I keep this url and redirect you back to it, just in case you forget. You can always reach me on Twitter in case you need the new address or want to tell me to be more careful when I walk around barefoot in a house that is suddenly filled with shards of broken glass (No, really, Mum broke a tiny hourglass and shards of it are everywhere) and razor-sharp magazine holders (my second toe will never be the same). You can also e-mail me at lb {dot} writes {dot} stuff {at} gmail {dot} com.